• The American Clinic
  • New York Telradiology
  • Moneo
  • Biotherapy Institute of Japan
  • Minami-Tohoku Hospital
  • Panacea Pharmaceuticals

The American Clinic Tokyo (Nipponica MD Joint-Venture Partner)

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  • For almost 60 years, The American Clinic has helped thousands of patients from Japan and around the world. In all that time, we recognize that no two patients are alike. Everyone has unique needs, and a unique medical solution is required for each patient. Unlike the public healthcare system, we believe that each patient should be in charge of his or her case and supported by the best medical advice and education. We know that medicine does not have all the answers shrink-wrapped Instead, we know how to create custom medical solutions for your specific medical issues and in the way you want it, using the best of what Japan and the US medicine has to offer.

    The American Clinic’s role at Nipponica includes oversight on patient management, medical processes, quality, regulatory compliance in Japan, data privacy, and physician interpretation and counseling.

New York Teleradiology (Nipponica MD Joint-Venture Partner)

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  • New York Teleradiology operates an outpatient imaging center located in Staten Island, New York. It provides remote diagnostic radiology services for clients in the New York City market.

    New York Teleradiology’s role in Nipponica includes US regulatory compliance and supplier oversight.

The Moneo Company (Nipponica MD Joint-Venture Partner)

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  • The Moneo Company is a management advisory firm located in Tokyo. Its focus is strategy and leadership of complex, major corporate initiatives, primarily for multinationals having substantial operations in Japan. Moneo also has a Physicians Enterprise Practice, that provides strategic advice and leadership for healthcare-related enterprises.

    The Moneo Company’s role in Nipponica includes oversight regarding strategy and business operations in Japan.

Biotherapy Institute of Japan (Nipponica MD Collaborator)

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  • Biotherapy Institute of Japan (BIJ) provides immunotherapy products and services to major hospitals and clinics in Japan and around the world. BIJ immunotherapy research and development includes cancer treatment, anti-aging, and regenerative medicine.

Minami-Tohoku Hospital

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  • Minami-Tohoku hospital is a large hospital in Southern part of Japan which is located in Fukushima prefecture. Minami-Tohoku Hospital has its own group called Minami Tohoku group which is all over the Southern part of Japan and in Tokyo.

Panacea Pharmaceuticals (Nipponica MD Collaborator)

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  • Panacea Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was founded in 1999 to discover, develop and commercialize innovative therapeutic and diagnostic products for cancer and diseases of the central nervous system. Panacea Laboratories, a division of Panacea Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which was established in 2006, is certified under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) to perform high complexity testing, and offers several cancer diagnostic tests to patients, physicians and clinical laboratories.